This is the official homepage of the Australasian Society of Genetic Counsellors (ASGC), which represents over 400 members across Australia and New Zealand. We are a special interest group of the Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA). The ASGC represents those providing genetic counselling or members of the HGSA working in related areas. The majority of the members are either training as or are certified genetic counsellors.

This site is provided for both our members and the public. Feel free to contact the Australasian Society of Genetic Counsellors if you have any questions.

The Australasian Society of Genetic Counsellors (ASGC), the genetic counsellors' Special Interest Group of the HGSA, is a member of Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA). https://ahpa.com.au/allied-health-professions/genetic-counselling/.


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Health Sector Women's Leadership Scholarships Available

Posted on 15/04/2024
Available Now: Partial scholarships for women in the Health Sector ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per person, for one of four leadership and workplace skill development programs.


Rare Disease Policy Roundtable with the Hon. Mark Butler MP and HGSA

Posted on 15/04/2024
HGSA President Yemima Berman, and ASIEM President Kaustuv Bhattacharya were invited to participate in the rare disease roundtable with Minister Butler on Tuesday 9 April 2024 hosted by Alexion Australia and New Zealand.


Research Survey: Genetic Counsellor perspectives on somatic testing and germline cancer risk

Posted on 15/04/2024
A pilot study investigating genetic counsellors’ perspectives on somatic testing and germline cancer risk assessment. Do you work in cancer genetics? We want to know how somatic testing impacts you!


Beyond the Slide Podcast: Episode 1 Performing genetic testing in breast cancer patients

Posted on 11/04/2024
Listen to this new Podcast taking topics from the lab to the clinic - how to navigate pathology complexities, why genetic insights transform care, and how genetic literacy empowers patient journeys.


HGSA Supports Safe Workplaces

Posted on 10/04/2024
The HGSA strongly supports and encourages any member who believes they have been discriminated against, bullied, sexually harassed or victimised in the workplace to report the matter and for employers to respond promptly and appropriately.


QLD Branch HGSA Annual Scientific Meeting Scholarship - open for applications!

Posted on 9/04/2024
The QLD Branch would like to announce their 2024 ASM scholarship